When making a bunch of one thing and being human, mishaps are bound to happen. These tiny watercolor sketchbooks have singular flaws, which means they cannot be a part of an up coming project. They are still perfectly imperfect places to store thumbnail sketches, paintings, notes or swatches if you fancy. As seconds, their prices have been greatly reduced. 

DETAILS: Materials are thread, washi tape, acrylic paper covers and Arches En-Tout-Cas paper for body of the books. Arches En-Tout-Cas paper has two different sides, cold press for watercolor and smooth for ink and drawing. The smooth side will also take watercolor, too, much like a hot press paper. • All are bound with a loose French link coptic stitch to allow the books to lay flat while using. 

Please select the style and flaw with which you are willing to live.

GREEN floral washi with vintage orange thread, 3x4 cm (1.125x1.5 in.), 9 signatures, 32 pages front + back, flaw: missing front cover (top left)

BLUE floral washi with vintage, bright green thread, 3x3.5 cm (1.125x1.25 in.), 10 signatures, 64 pages front + back, flaw: prototype with two page signatures (bottom left)

NAVY floral washi with dark green thread, 3x3 cm (1.125x1.125 in.), 10 signatures, 32 pages front + back, flaw: too short (middle right)

Tiny Watercolor Sketchbook SECONDS