October’s full moon has often been called, “the Full Hunter’s Moon”. It once marked the need to prepare for winter’s coming. Though we are no longer hunter-gatherers in the old sense, our family does spend more time outdoors watching the changes, exploring favorite hiking trails and sitting in nature during this season. We also replenish art supplies to have on hand for travels or sit-ins with inclement weather. How do you prepare for winter’s approach? In celebration of our more modern hunter-gather traditions, we are offering the Hunter’s Moon matchbook watercolor sketchbooks.

The Hunter’s Moon handmade tiny matchbook style watercolor sketchbook measures 3x3.5 cm. The blank pages measure 2.5x3 cm. • There are 11 pages total held together with a single staple. It is filled with 1 parchment page + 10 Strathmore watercolor paper pages, which is 90 lb., acid free + slightly textured surface. Works well with wet media. • Initials + year of creation are handwritten + hidden inside the cover.

KRAFT PAPER cover details: The cover art is black ink + watercolor. It is made of a sturdy kraft paper card stock.

BLACK PAPER cover details: The cover art is white ink. It is made of a slightly textured, black paper card stock.

Please select kraft paper or black paper cover from the style options.

It is an honor to imagine where these will travel + how they'll be used. It would be delightful to see your creations. If you share them publicly, then please tag with #tinymatchbookart Thanks ever so much for being a part of this journey.

the Hunter’s Moon matchbook watercolor sketchbook