The Hunter’s Moon dyad set contains both a sketchbook and watercolor sketchbook. (At a discounted rate.) Each tiny matchbook style sketchbook measures 3x3.5 cm. The blank pages measure 2.5x3 cm. Initials + year of creation are handwritten + hidden inside the covers.

SKETCHBOOK details: The cover is white acrylic paper with tiny original ink art, which is black + black walnut ink. There are 19 pages total held together with a single staple. • 1 parchment page + 5 cream sketch pages + 13 Daler Rowney extra white sketch pad pages • All are smooth + perfect for any dry media. 

WATERCOLOR SKETCHBOOK details: The cover art is black ink + watercolor. It is made of a sturdy kraft paper card stock. There are 11 pages total held together with a single staple. It is filled with 1 parchment page + 10 Strathmore watercolor paper pages, which is 90 lb., acid free + slightly textured surface. Works well with wet media.

P.S. It is an honor to imagine where these will travel + how they'll be used. It would be delightful to see your creations. If you share them publicly, then please tag with #tinymatchbookart Thanks ever so much for being a part of this journey.

P.P.S. Tiny pencil and dinos are not included. They are personal treasures from a dear friend.

the Hunter’s Moon dyad set