Troubles come and go
Between sorrow and joy
All other feelings collide
Life feels hard
Yet I must stay soft

Stay Soft series
Watercolor + ink on lovely handmade Crude paper in a soft grey with deckle edges, approx. 8x10 cm (3x4 in.). Each will come unframed, and carefully packaged for safe travels. Signature, year of creation and title are all hand written on the back if the art.

Please select the title of your choosing:
• Along / image 3: three birds emerge from the soft greens + blues of the lush lands
• Toward / image 4: three birds emerge from the soft blues + tender warm tones of the earth
• Beside / image 5: five birds emerge from soft warm tones of a sunrise or set behind dormant trees enlivened in mauve + golden light
• Within / image 6: three birds emerge from blushing clouds
• Moved / image 7: three birds emerge from grey clouds

Please note that the paintings are photographed in different light. I have done what I can to present them as true to life as possible, but there may be a slight variation due to monitor calibrations and such.

Stay Soft series