Some legends say that spider lilies grow along the paths of those we may not see again, which I am inclined to believe. You see, we never had spider lilies until the autumn after my father passed away. Now they grow along the paths that I last saw him walk + each year, as plants do, more grow than the year before. • They also mark the coming of fall and bloom at the autumn equinox.

“Red Magic” is a tiny watercolor + ink painting on Bee Paper, 2.5x5 cm, set in a orange and wood thrift store frame, 7.5x10 cm (3x4 in.), with hand cut glass and white archival mat. The frame has two tiny gold d-rings with wire, so the piece can grace any shelf, mantle, desk or wall of your choosing. Signature, year of creation and title are all handwritten on the back of the tiny painting.

Red Magic / original tiny painting framed