Past Times tiny art kits come in floral motif William Morris Soap tins (4.5x6 cm). Each includes two half pans and tiny handmade box of 10 torn Canson watercolor papers (2x4 cm) and swatch tied with vintage orange thread.

Please select tin color with side motif of your choosing. Watercolors included in tin are listed with choices.

White Leaf • Fold The Sea: Caput Blush + Lighthouse Cove: Fairys Moss (sold)

White Rose • Fold The Sea: Maya Cyan + Ube

Indigo Lily • Wildthorne: Indigo + Oto Kano: Venetian Red

Blue Flora • Pfeiffer Art Supply: Crane Titanium White + Bunting Genuine Indigo

Yellow Leaf • Oto Kano: Vermillion Red + Jazper Stardust: Morpho

Past Times tiny art kits