It shown brighter
Than the lights in the distance
The moon

“Moon Power” is an original tiny watercolor + ink study, 5x7.5 cm (2x3 in.). Though unframed, this piece will come beautifully packaged for safe travels and ready to display as is or frame in any standard size frame of your choosing. Signature, year of creation and title are all handwritten on the back.

Please select tiny painting by the paper when adding to your basket:
Arteza 100% cotton (top left)
Bee Paper 100% cotton (bottom left)
Fabriano 100% cellulose (top right)
Fabriano 25% cotton (bottom right)

P.S. These study pieces are available at a lower price point than my more refined works due to their quick and experimental nature, though they are made of the same high quality materials.

Moon Power / tiny studies (unframed)