In many cultures, jasmine is a symbol of love + rain, a symbol of renewal + change. These two images have been brought together to create a unique gift with a purpose.

In south India, jasmine grows abundanlty, available for every woman to wear no matter her status in life. It is a tiny, yet beautiful comfort for women who live under the stigma + isolation that comes with being a mother of a child with disabilities. 100% of the proceeds from this purchase goes to Priyam Global for their work toward encouraging + equipping these women in order to better their lives, as well as the lives of their families + the community. Donations will be made monthly. To learn more about the Priyam Global Initiative, please visit their website,, or instagram page @priyamglobal.

This listing is for one Made To Order pendant or pin of your choosing. Each tiny work of art will be made by the artist especially for you or your loved one. The pendant you receive may have slight variations from the photographs shown, however, the unique piece you receive will be in keeping with the same style + images, a sketch of jasmine within a single drop of rain.

Handmade Pendant + Pin details: Each piece is handmade with an original black ink sketch drawn on shrink plastic, cut to size, heated, coated in embossing powder, heated again + set with a brass jump ring or jeweler’s glue onto a silver lapel pin. The pendant measures approx. 1x1 cm. The lapel pin measures approx. 1.5x1.5 cm. Artist initials, year of creation + title will be handwritten on accompanying handmade kraft paper box, which is a small matchbox size.

Made To Order LOVE pendant or pin