Delightful Ways Palette includes six Ruby Mountain Paint Co. handmade watercolors in a vintage domino palette accompanied by a custom tiny sketchbook set inside a small tin. Details listed below.

Delightful Ways Handmade Watercolors:
Curated by myself and filled by Kate at Ruby Mountain Paint Co., the color palette consists of Ercolano Red + Crimson + Golden Yellow + Victoria Green + Maya Blue + Ruby’s Gray • With colors inspired by vintage illustrations, each stands beautifully on its own, plays and mixes well with the others.

Vintage Domino Palette:
The vintage domino palette is wood. A strong magnet is glued to the bottom of each to help it stay put during travel.

Tiny Sketchbook:
A kraft paper cover boxes in the sketchbook for some protection, ribbon keeps it neatly closed and french-link coptic stitch binding in vintage orange thread allows the pages to open flat while working. • Initials and year of creation are handwritten and hidden inside the cover of each sketchbook. • Also within each book, there is a vintage illustration from @lescargot.papier that inspired the curated colors. • Pages include 5 signatures of Arches cold pressed watercolor paper.

Small Tin:
Silver tin with a Ruby Mountain Paint Co. logo sticker on top

Our hope is that these tiny art kits will inspire play, creativity and delight in many ways.

P.S. It is an honor to imagine where these will travel + how they'll be used. It would be delightful to see your creations. If you share them publicly, then please tag with #tinymatchbookart or #tinyartkit #delightfulways Thanks ever so much for being a part of this journey.

P.P.S. Tiny paintings not included with purchase.

Delightful Ways Palette (small)