A slender, red vintage stamp tin easily fits in any bag or pocket without taking up much room. With carefully chosen handmade watercolors and sketchbook, all that you need to add is your favorite brush to keep art in reach.

NEW Watercolor details:
Stoneworks Mill / Hearth + Aglow + Glisten + Yonder + Sea Grass + Winter’s Night 

Sketchbook details:
Bifold style / kraft paper cover with decorative slip sheet, 8 Bee Paper watercolor pages, 3x3.5 cm

The original tiny landscape “Dear Heart” was created using the watercolors in the tin, and is included with purchase for a bit of inspiration. Signature, year of creation and title are all handwritten on the back.

P.S. Please note that the chips and discolor are all part of the charm when buying second hand. Not only does this help keep things out of landfills, it also allows the item’s story to continue with you.

Dear Heart tiny art kit + painting