From imagination or memory
Inspiration is drawn
And courses set forth to visit these lands
When next one dreams

Bottled Dreams series 
An original tiny mixed media art work of watercolor + ink on paper, approx. 1x2.5 cm, set inside a glass jar. To be displayed as is, or the art may be carefully removed from the jar to be mounted and framed. Signature, year of creation and title are hand written on the back of the art.

Please select the Title of your choosing:
Misty Mountains (full moon in blue sky over misty mountain of trees)
Moonlit Forest (crescent moon in deep pink sky over mountain and lush forest below)
Purple Mountains (bird in flight through golden skies over purple mountains)
Meteor Shower (star lit meteor shower in blue sky over tree line)
Moon + Star ( moon + star in deep pink sky mountains and lush forest)
Forest Path (natural golden path between the trees of a forest)

Bottled Dreams series