Blue Satin Ribbon tiny art kit includes:
• vintage brass Sucrets tin, which measures 8x6x2 cm • the inside was sprayed with matte clear enamel to keep rust from transferring to items within

• color palette of Ruby Mountain Paint Co. Iceland Red, Iceland Green, Snow Flake, Ultramarine Blue + Chasm (mini caps), also Mars Orange in a shell

• tiny watercolor sketchbook with black decorative paper cover, hot press paper (brand unknown) with 10 signatures, measuring 4x6 cm, a blue satin ribbon to keep it neatly closed and french-link stitching in vintage cream thread to allow the pages to open flat while working • initials and year of creation are handwritten and hidden inside the cover

• blue satin cloth bag to carry it all

P.S. Being vintage, the tin definitely has nicks, scrapes and an imperfect finish, which I feel only adds to its charm and story.

P.P.S. It is an honor to imagine where these will travel + how they'll be used. It would be delightful to see your creations. If you share them publicly, then please tag with #tinyartkit or #lantinyaketchbook Thanks ever so much for being a part of this journey.

Blue Satin Ribbon Tiny Art Kit