Bluets...They bloom in all the places I have seen you smile with joy and laughter under the sun. They catch my eye in rain and through tears as we walk together over grassy fields downcast and dreaming... between every thing.

“Bleu” is an original tiny watercolor and white gouache painting on Amalfi paper, approx. 1.5x2 cm, set in a timeless watch. Signature, year of creation + title are all hand written on the back of the tiny painting.

The watchband is genuine leather in a warm brown. At the shortest and longest holes, it measures approx. 16 cm (6 in.) and 17.5 cm (7 in.).

P.S. Why a timeless watch? To cultivate the practice of slowing down and appreciating the moment before us, rather than living by the clock. 

P.P.S. Please note: This watch is not waterproof. Do not get wet. Treat as fine art. For care instructions of fine art, visit the Frequently Asked Questions in the Shipping and Policies section.

Bleu / timeless watch with original tiny painting