One would be hard pressed to travel and not see a bird of some kind or other here in the south. We have chickadees, mocking birds, great egrets, hawks, owls and more. They scratch at the ground, sing in trees, and soar through the air. 

The Birdwatcher tiny art kit can easily be tossed in a bag or pocket for any outing to see feathered friends. It has been curated with my favorite Pfeiffer Art Supply watercolors, which all bear bird names and have excellent lightfast ratings. With a tiny #2 pencil and two watercolor sketchbooks, you need only your favorite brush, some water, and your binoculars to enjoy art while looking to the birds.

NEW Watercolor details, half pans of:
Rose-finch Ultramarine Rose
Toucan Orange
Gold Finch Yellow Ochre
Tanager Turquoise
Macaw Ultramarine Blue
Heron Grey Ochre

Sketchbook details:
Matchbook style / copper wire holds kraft paper cover and 8 sheets of Shizen paper, 3x5 cm

P.S. Brushes not included.

Birdwatcher tiny art kit