Airy Pockets tiny art kit includes four Ruby Mountain Paint Co. handmade watercolors in a salvaged wood palette accompanied by a tiny sketchbook set inside a small tin. Details listed below.

Moody / Handmade Watercolors:
Curated by myself and filled by Kate at Ruby Mountain Paint Co., the color palette consists of Fawn Ochre + Smoky Lilac + Brown Pink + Prussian Blue • Although this set is a bit unusual, it can be used to create traditional landscapes, like “September”.

Salvaged Wood Palette:
Available in 4 different woods; pine, cedar, mahogany and mesquite. Rather than list them as an option, one will be chosen at random to fill each order placed. • A strong magnet is glued to the bottom of each wood palette to help it stay put during travel.

Tiny Sketchbook:
French-link coptic stitch binding in vintage navy thread with Canson mixed media paper, 1”x1.25”, with kraft paper band • Initials and year of creation are handwritten and hidden inside the cover of each sketchbook. • According to the website, “Canson Mixed Media paper is 300gsm, medium-grain, suitable for pure or mixed techniques using watercolour, gouache or acrylic.” 

Small Tin:
Silver tin with a Ruby Mountain Paint Co. logo sticker on top

These tiny art kits provide a minimalist art studio in your pocket, both light and airy for any art adventure.

P.S. It is an honor to imagine where these will travel + how they'll be used. It would be delightful to see your creations. If you share them publicly, then please tag with #tinymatchbookart or #tinyartkit #airypockets Thanks ever so much for being a part of this journey.

P.P.S. Tiny painting not included with purchase.

Airy Pockets: Moody