Airy Pockets (hexad round) is a birch slice wood palette filled with six Ruby Mountain Paint Co. handmade watercolors: Black Oxide, Violet Hematite, Pink Pipestone, Mayan Royal Blue, Celadonite and Golden Yellow accompanied by a tiny tan felt portfolio hand-stitched with vintage green thread holding eight Arches En-Tout-Cas pages, 1.5” diameter, set in a repurposed two-tone tin, 2” diameter.

Arches En-Tout-Cas paper according to their website, “One particularity: this paper has two different sides, cold press for watercolour and smooth side for ink and drawing.” 

A strong magnet is set into the bottom of each wood palette to help it stay put during travel.

Together with a water brush of your choosing, they provide a minimalist art studio in your pocket, both light and airy.

Airy Pockets (hexad round)