Designing..."a way"

Sarah Ernst contacted me with a narrative and a vision. Bit of backstory: Sarah and her husband, James, went from living in a 2,000 square foot house to a 200 square foot FEMA trailer, which they renovated into a beautiful home for themselves and their daughter, Stella. The Caravan, as they call it, became a welcoming place to practice living with less material possessions and cultivating a life filled with more mindlessness. Currently, the three are beginning a new chapter in their lives as they renovate an '88 Ford van into a 65 square foot home from which they will live, work and travel. 

Sarah documented their first renovation on her blog and Instagram @crownedinblooms Now they are documenting this chapter on a new Instagram and blog @usdrifting Here's where I come in. She wanted a logo with four tiny landscapes that can be changed throughout the year to represent their minimalistic nomadic lifestyle. She spoke of their cross country roadtrips and the impressions left on her passing from one place to another. She even provided collages of locations and the one below of their van and design inspirations.

Pic-Collage from Sarah Ernst

As the artist, it is my honor to bring their ideas together with my own to create four tiny landscapes that are as individual as the places they represent and yet as unified as if "they're all from the same heart" as Sarah put it.

I love all the colors, but sometimes, not all will do.

The first step was to pull colors that could be used to create matches for those pictured above. Put down some swatches in full and dilluted strengths. Mix them together. Recreate snippets of those inspirations. Make notes on what works well together or alone and what doesn't. Choose five colors that will be our main characters and a handful of supporting characters for the paintings.

Reference card and color palette

These notes were refered to often in making each tiny landscape. Using the same five colors through out each painting allows them to work well with each other as a whole. While varying the dominant color creates the unique characteristics that make each tiny landscape stand out on its own, the mountains, desert, coast and forest. This is simply a way limiting your palette can be quite beneficial for telling a story and fulfilling a vision.

Four tiny landscapes in a row

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