Let it be so..."these are important papers"

Tell myself a lot of not nice things about my art: not weird enough • not dark enough • not colorful enough • not bold enough • not big enough • not detailed enough • not imaginative enough • it isn't as thoughtful as... • it isn't as creative as... • it isn't as helpful as... BUT then this quote comes to mind + peacefully protests against a mindset of comparison and measurements and belittling of one's creations.

Mr. Edward Magorium said, "Most of these are important papers...and some of them might be doodles I never had framed...I can't tell the difference in them."

This quote brings to light a certain truth + strength in the not nice things that I often say to myself. The truth is that my "voice" will never be the same as another artist's. Though we share much common ground in humanity, our lives are magnificently different and art is truly personal. Therefore, my art will never be [fill in the blank] enough or as [fill in the blank] as to match that of another artist's. However, my thinking that their "voice" is more valuable than my own is where those not nice things went wrong. What we create, good or bad in our own eyes or other's, holds great value in that it is our "voice" and no one else's. It is a rare, precious, soul belonging. There is strength in that. If only we could see the value in ourselves, in our art, in every piece of paper...

Mayan blue + Turquoise forest

Fuschite + Toucan orange + Shungite tree line

Perhaps there are nicer things to tell oneself about one's art: no matter how wonderful it is, I do not want to make their art • truly, they cannot make my art • trends come and go, my art is not a trend, it is growing + thriving with me • numbers are nice, but they are not every thing • sales may not always come when wanted, but they always show up when needed • just keep working + making what brings you joy, if no one buys it, then at least you'll be poor + joyful • think of Van Gogh and others like him, we really aren't much different • "these are important papers"

Sunset over fields

Legal imprint