Fledging, "...Here we go!"

"Fledging" is a tiny original watercolor painting on Arches cold pressed paper, measuring 10x10 cm. Inspired by observing a young hawk taking one of its first flights in the wild away from its nest. Every cry it made resonated within my being. And in that moment when the young hawk finally flew from one tree to another, my body felt as if it too were lifting off the ground. 

fledge \flej\ vb fledged; fledg.ing : to develop the feathers necessary for flying or independent activity (mid 16th century: from the obsolete adjective fledge 'ready to fly')

This painting. This word. This moment.

Got my faith and trust, even have some dust. Thinking of the happiest things, which is said to be the same as having wings, so..."Come on everybody. Here we go!"

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