about paths for fellow travelers

Thanks so much for continuing with me on this tiny art journey. For those who are new, thank you, kindly, for being here. It is my belief that "art is for every one", which motivates me to keep my art valuable for the collector and approachable for the artist alike, especially since I consider myself to be both as well. My tiny art collection is by no means record breaking, but that does not make it any less of a treasure. Its value is deeply rooted in the connections I made with the art and/or artist. This is the same opportunity I want to extend to you through these tiny monthly offerings.

Paths, which launched January 1st, 2020, is a means to create more focused work, as well as explorations while also protecting the well being of tiny art, myself and our family with the help of dedicated fellow travelers. My favorite bit is that you not only get to join me for more in depth views of my tiny art practice, but also build your own tiny art practice and collection along the way.

What does this mean for nell+grey? Hopefully, this means that together we can continue to create light + love in this art community, not only here, but also shared in other areas.


My Instagram account will remain as it has been. I will continue to share bits and pieces of every thing there. The journal on nell+grey's home page is still available to any one, who wishes to see my art process. It has gone through a tiny remodel, but will continue to hold the watercolor series and other tiny articles with more detail than what can be shared on social media. The nell+grey shop will still receive updates as tiny art becomes available.


For those willing to travel these paths further with me, the paths journal is where you will find all past and future journal entries. I hope to release new content every 3 months, which will include inspiration, pictorials, videos and other art related content not shared fully any where else. This will help to protect "the well being of tiny art, myself and our family" as I said earlier.

Now just as the paths we travel in life offer a variety of views so do  these artistic paths. Evergreen retains the enduring freshness of tiny art. Blue Skies see things go  oh-so right. Red Clay, in it, forests and tiny art thrive. While Black Creek waters  sail us into the depths of it all. Please read each list of benefits carefully so that you know what to expect.


Of course, some of these things may be subject to change as I find my footing on this path. Your continued kindness, support, understanding and patience as these changes are being made is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or run into any problems, then please feel free to send me a message through notes or email: leighannan@gmail.com


**Paths will automatically renew each month unless you contact us within 72 hours of renewal to cancel. There is no penalty for canceling. However, mailed goods listed in benefits will only ship with 3 month durations.**

© 2018-20 Leigh Anna Newell

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